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Gread AAA HBG00000002 Hermes Constance Hermes-Constance 02

This bag is the mini constance which is just right when you are out and about and need a bag that can transition from day to night. The Alligator is an Alligator embossed leather.
Size: 18 x 14 x 11 cm
- The material is a beautiful leather which is very chic and durable. The color on this bag is complemented with palladium (silver-toned) or goldtone hardware.
- This is THE bag for the Hermes connoisseur. The bag is opened and closed using the magnetic closure in the front - letter "H".
- The interior is lined with soft evercalf leather and features 2 compartments. Each compartment has a side pocket.
- The exterior also features a side pocket.
- This is a VERY VERY understated bag. Definitely classic and can be worn the whole year long.
- It will come with 2 sleeper bags, one for bag one for mirror.
- Measurements: The bag measures about 7 inches (18cm) wide at the bottom, 5.5 inches high and 2 inches deep. Includes a long strap that can be used messenger styler, or double looped to carry the bag under the shoulder. Shoulder straps measure approx. 40 inches long.
Product ID: HBG00000002

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